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Python Developer (Machine Learning / NLP / LLM) - downtown Montreal 112k$

Only candidates that currently live in Montreal and that are bilingual will be considered. Candidates from outside Quebec are not qualified for this position. Candidates that cannot communicate with clients in French are not qualified for this position.

Python Developer (Machine Learning / NLP / LLM)

About SIA Innovations

At SIA Innovations, we are not just participants but pioneers in the realm of digital transformation, perpetually navigating through the uncharted territories of technological possibilities. We are on a relentless pursuit to push and redefine the boundaries, crafting intelligent, user-centric solutions that propel businesses into the future. Our team is deeply embedded in the exploration and implementation of cutting-edge technologies, ensuring that our clients are always a step ahead in the digital landscape.

Join Us as a Python Developer (Machine Learning / NLP / LLM)

Embark on a transformative career journey with us as a Python Developer (Machine Learning / NLP / LLM), where your role transcends beyond the ordinary. Your profound passion for crafting intelligent solutions, leveraging machine learning, and natural language understanding, will find a canvas at SIA Innovations, enabling you to paint a future where technology and innovation converge to create unparalleled solutions. This pivotal role invites you to merge technical functionality with intelligent design, ensuring the creation and deployment of smart, data-driven solutions that are instrumental in driving our client's digital transformation journeys.

In this role, you will not only utilize the latest tools and technologies to develop and deploy machine learning models and solutions but also play a crucial role in technology selection as we evolve our platforms and explore cutting-edge tools. The ideal candidate will bring to the table deep expertise in Python programming, coupled with a sharp understanding of machine learning, data management, and secure application development. We are on the hunt for exceptional skills in these domains to elevate our design and development standards, ensuring our solutions are not only innovative but also robust and reliable in real-world applications.

                                                               Annual base compensation              Total on-target compensation (OTE)

  • Maximum                                       $90,929                                              $112,280
  • Minimum                                        $75,826                                             $91,872

Key Responsibilities

  1. Client Interaction and Project Management:
    • Multifaceted Role Management: Efficiently switch between client projects, demonstrating adaptability and capability to manage multiple tasks and responsibilities simultaneously.
    • Handling Conflicting Deadlines: Employ excellent time management and prioritization skills to navigate through conflicting deadlines, ensuring all projects are delivered with high quality and on time.
    • Client Interaction: Engage effectively with clients to understand their needs, manage their expectations, and ensure that the developed ML and NLP solutions are aligned with their objectives.
    • Stakeholder Management: Work collaboratively with both internal and external stakeholders, ensuring clear communication and transparent project progression.
  2. Python Development and Automation:
    • Develop robust Python microservices, adhering to OOP, TDD, and SOLID development methodologies.
    • Automate operations and CI/CD pipelines using Python.
    • Ensure efficient and maintainable code practices and actively contribute code within the team, adhering to collaborative coding standards and methodologies.
  3. Machine Learning and NLP Development:
    • Develop and deploy machine learning models, with a focus on practical NLU and NLP applications.
    • Engage in ML tasks that align with client needs and deliver immediate impact, avoiding over-complexity.
  4. Application Management:
    • Establish and maintain message queue mechanisms, ensuring reliable and efficient data and task management across various microservices and applications.
    • Establish and maintain micro-service applications on the cloud, ensuring they are scalable, reliable, and optimized for performance and security.
    • Ensure applications are secure, utilizing Oath or IBM security protocols.
    • Manage errors and establish a robust logging mechanism.
  5. Data Management:
    • Collaborate with data engineers to enhance data quality and availability for training and deploying ML and NLP models.
    • Engage in data storage tasks, managing data with various databases and storage solutions.
  6. Collaboration and Continuous Learning:
    • Collaborate closely with the Data & AI team, sharing knowledge and staying updated on industry advancements.
    • Engage in continuous learning and knowledge sharing within the team.

Who You Are

Technical Requirements:

  • Advanced Programming and Development Skills:
    • Exceptional Python Programming: Your expertise in Python is paramount. You have a robust experience in utilizing Python for developing machine learning and NLP solutions, and crafting Python microservices. Your proficiency in Object-Oriented Programming (OOP), Test-Driven Development (TDD), and SOLID development methodologies is unparalleled and you consider Python as your primary language for solving complex problems.
    • Mastery of OOP, TDD, and SOLID Development Methodologies: Your development practices are deeply rooted in adhering to OOP principles, ensuring code modularity, reusability, and maintainability. You prioritize TDD to ensure robust, error-free code and strictly adhere to SOLID principles to ensure that the software design is understandable, flexible, and maintainable.
    • Collaborative Coding: Teamwork is at the core of our operations. You have a proven track record of coding in a team environment using Git, ensuring collaborative coding practices, thorough code reviews, and utilizing branching strategies effectively. Your ability to work and synergize with a team of diverse skills and backgrounds, contributing to the collective knowledge and solving challenges together, is crucial.
    • Experience in developing new REST API endpoints and managing Message Queue tasks.
    • Experience in developing API connections with IBM products such as Watson Discovery/watsonx API.
  • Machine Learning and NLP Experience:
    • Experience with machine learning and natural language processing libraries such as Pandas, NumPy, TensorFlow, PyTorch, NLTK, spaCy, and Hugging Face Transformers.
    • Experience in creating, optimizing, and deploying machine learning, deep learning, and NLP models.
    • Experience in ML tasks associated with LLMs, including prompt-engineering, few-shot learning, and fine-tuning, is a plus.
  • MLOps and DevOps:
    • Experience with MLOps, DataOps, and ModelOps practices, including version control, reproducibility, model monitoring, and deployment strategies.
    • Experience with CI/CD pipelines and tools such as Jenkins, Argo, GitHub, GitLab, and CircleCI.
    • Experience in managing microservices and Docker images.
  • Data Management and Security:
    • Knowledge of distributed computing and data processing technologies, such as Apache Spark, Hadoop, Dask, and relational databases like MySQL, SQL Server, as well as NoSQL stores like Elasticsearch, Redis, and MongoDB.
    • Experience in data storage tasks, including managing data with IBM S3 space, vector databases, PostgreSQL database, and MongoDB.
    • Knowledge of best practices in security, including vulnerability mitigation and identity management.
  • Client and Stakeholder Engagement:
    • Experience in client interactions, requirements gathering, and stakeholder management to ensure the developed ML and NLP solutions are closely aligned with client needs and objectives.

Academic and Experience Requirements:

  • At a minimum, a completed Bachelor’s degree in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, Engineering, or a related field.
  • At a minimum, 3 years of professional experience as an Python Developer with ML/NLP /LLM projects (excluding internships and academic research).
  • Experience in productizing deep learning models with at least one framework.
  • Commitment to continuous improvement and professional development to stay at the forefront of the industry.

Personal Qualities:

  • Python Enthusiast: Your passion for Python programming is evident in your work. You are always on the lookout for optimizing solutions and exploring new libraries and frameworks in Python to enhance your development practices.
  • Excellent Communication: Bilingual (French and English) and highly sociable, you interact effectively with clients and colleagues, ensuring clear and constructive communication.
  • Team-Oriented and Collaborative: Your ability to forge strong relationships and work efficiently with your teammates is vital. You understand the importance of sharing knowledge, supporting team projects, and collective problem-solving.
  • Continuous Learner and Committed to Professional Development: Your commitment to continuous learning and staying abreast of industry advancements is pivotal. You proactively seek and embrace new knowledge and skills, engage in knowledge-sharing sessions, and apply innovative practices in machine learning and NLP. Your adaptability to swiftly incorporate new technologies and methodologies ensures that the solutions developed are contemporary and competitive. Furthermore, your commitment to continuous improvement and professional development ensures that you stay at the forefront of the field, bringing the latest insights into projects.
  • Adaptable and Resourceful: Your strong adaptability to unforeseen situations and tight timelines ensures that client needs are always met. Your resourcefulness and sense of urgency drive you to solve challenges effectively.
  • Curious and Ambitious: Your curiosity and ambition fuel your drive for innovation, leading to the creation of impactful and innovative solutions for clients.
  • Proactive Project Management: Your proactive management of priorities and projects ensures client satisfaction. You adeptly handle multiple client projects, manage conflicting deadlines, and demonstrate excellent time management.
  • Persistent and Resilient: Your persistence and resourcefulness enable you to navigate through challenges and meet client expectations consistently.
  • Integrity and Empathy: Your integrity, empathy, and personal credibility inspire trust from clients and colleagues, fostering positive and constructive working relationships.

Our Core Values

In the dynamic landscape of digital transformation, SIA Innovations stands out as a compact yet potent technology consulting firm, deeply embedded in leveraging pioneering technologies such as AI and Cloud, predominantly from IBM. We navigate alongside Fortune 500 companies across diverse industries, guiding them to reimagine not just their business models but also reshaping their business and IT operations, application modernization, cybersecurity, and their approach towards data and AI.

Our actions, decisions, and interactions are meticulously guided by a set of core values that not only define our organizational culture but also underscore our unwavering commitment to excellence. We are on the lookout for candidates who not only resonate with but also embody these values:

  • Value Creation: In the realm of digital transformation, we prioritize actions and solutions that carve out tangible and meaningful value for our clients and stakeholders. Your role will be pivotal in identifying and sculpting strategies that amplify value in our products and services, ensuring our client’s journey in digital transformation is not just innovative but also value-driven.
  • Commitment to Clients: Our allegiance to our clients is not just paramount but also intrinsic to our operations. We delve deep to comprehend their needs, navigate through their challenges, and are unwavering in our commitment to their success. Your adeptness in understanding, anticipating, and aligning with client needs will be instrumental in this role.
  • Sustainability: Our commitment transcends towards practices that not only support sustainability but also ensure that our solutions are innovative, effective, and sustainable in the long run. Your role will be crucial in ensuring that the solutions developed are not just contemporary but also viable and sustainable in the long-term trajectory.
  • Empowered Teams: At SIA, we staunchly believe in the power of collective intelligence and the remarkable outcomes that stem from diverse minds collaborating. Your ability to synergize within a team, contributing your skills, and absorbing insights from others, will be vital.
  • Servant Leadership: Our leadership ethos is deeply rooted in serving, ensuring that our leadership practices are not just empathetic and supportive but also pivotal in enabling our teams to unleash their full potential. Your role will not just be confined to contributing your individual expertise but will also be instrumental in uplifting and enhancing the collective capabilities of the team.

We warmly invite candidates who see a reflection of themselves in these values, and who envision contributing to a culture that not just upholds but also celebrates them, to apply.

Other details :

  • Location: Downtown Montreal office, 100% in-person/on-site.
  • Employment Type: Permanent and full-time (40h).
  • Opportunity to work on innovative projects and be at the forefront of AI, ML, NLP, NLU and Cloud transformations.
  • Must be a resident of the Montreal region and have authorization to work in Canada.
  • Must be available for occasional travel for client engagements, conferences, strategic meetings, and face-to-face client meetings (Canada, USA & Caribbean).

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